2016 – FORWARD TOGETHER – 2017

Under the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit and dynamic leadership of our Episcopal Team: Bishop Gregory G.M. Ingram, Rev. Dr. Jessica Kendall Ingram and Sis. Patricia Nira Smith, we will endeavor to support the programs and projects on all levels, continue to build upon the legacy of our mentors and missionary stalwarts and implement the following projects:

boookPartner with – CHK is an internationally recognized charitable organization that spreads hope, joy and love to hospitalize kids across America through uplifting, handmade cards. With the help of our YPD’ers, we will make and donate cards to CHK to be sent to the 80,000 sick children in hospitals around the country. Start a Mentoring and Training program for the YAMS and Associate Members. Start a Mentoring and Training program for the YPD’ers to help with a smooth transition into the Senior Society. Form a Prayer Partner Ministry to enhance our spiritual growth and build a closer bond with each other; Establish an Electronic News-Letter and Connect with an Outside Agency to provide ongoing information and testing on health issues facing the African American Community, among other projects.

In addition to the aforementioned projects, our Area Chairs have committed to doing the following projects in their respective Areas during this Conference Year:

Bronx-Westchester Area: Sis. Channabel Latham-Morris, Chairperson

Extend our feeding and clothing ministry to help seniors and families with little or no income. Begin a health and wellness program, focusing on green living. Start a sustainability cleanup project in each of our local community. Embark on a new mission call the Period Project and partner with an organization that provides direct distribution of sustainable feminine hygiene kits with materials for nonprofit groups and organizations to raise awareness by helping impoverished communities start their own programs to supply training and kits for girls and women to use.

Brooklyn Area: Sis. Sowonee Dworko, Chairperson

Provided six microwave bottle sterilizers to the residents of the Urban Strategies Maternity Shelter and held a workshop entitled “Building a Healthy Home” which was led by Sis. Donna Brogdon Simmons, first vice-president of the Brooklyn Area. The workshop focused on the importance and the meaning of color in the home and paint chips were passed around. Another presentation was led by Sister Juanita “Mommy” Brogdon and Sister Francetta Hairston on the importance of bringing the outside in.  Beautiful poetry relating to home blessings was shared with and given to the residents. We will continue to visit the Urban Strategies Maturity Shelter and provide life skills workshops for the residents.

Eastern Long Island Area: Sis. Dianne Hodnett, Chairperson

Our mission of feeding the hungry, Clothing the naked and helping the disenfranchised will be evident throughout the Conference year.  We are thankful and blessed to have male missionaries in our societies, who are good mentors for our young men.They have adopted and will continue to give support to a Veteran’s Home in the area.We will continue to support the Project Possible WIN program with donations at Christmas and Mother’s Day.  It is quite rewarding for missionaries to travel throughout the Connectional AME church, as missionary work is never done because there is always a task that awaits: be it lending a helping hand, a listening ear, a gentle touch, a hug, a prayer, a monetary gift, a plate of dinner, or whatever the situation may be, large or small, God wants us to never stray from His Word.  We must be loving, tender and caring missionaries as we encounter all.

Jamaica Area: Sis. Jacqueline Baird, Chairperson

Sponsor a Voter Registration Drive before the Oct. 14th deadline. The Fannie Lou Hamer Unit of the Nora F. Taylor Missionary Society of The Greater Allen Cathedral of New York will sponsor the Black Tony Award Winning 60 minute one woman stage play entitled “The Fannie Lou Hamer Story: A Struggle for Human Dignity and Freedom, I’m Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired” on Sept. 27, 2016. Sponsor our third Mission Outreach Trip to New Orleans to partner with Habitat for Humanities; Sponsor our first Outreach trip to visit a Church in Italy and partner with Nigerian Immigrants to whom we send English Christian tapes and reading materials .

Long Island Area: Sis. Shirley Ricks, Chairperson

Partner with the American Cancer Society and the American Diabetes Association to provide workshops and information to the community. Continue to assist with the Conference needs of one of the church in the Area; Volunteer at various community activities and provide Christian outreach services in the local parks. Provide gift cards from the local super market to needy families in the community. Sponsor a Summer Lunch Program for the children in the community and seek opportunities for new mission projects locally and aboard.

Manhattan North Area: Sis. Theresa Davis, Chairperson

Following the mandate of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we will sponsor our 9thAnnual Eye-glass Drive to collect and donate eyeglasses to the Eyes for the Needy Foundation to be sent to persons in the US, Haiti and Africa who are unable to provide eyeglasses for themselves; Sponsor our 10thAnnual “We Have Not Forgotten” Holiday Celebration for our Sick and Shut-in Members; Give assistance to the Jessie Farmer/Nellie Bledsoe WMS of Allen Temple AME Church in Mt. Vernon, NY by donating school supplies, toiletries and other items to be given to families on their 2017 mission trip to Guatemala.

Manhattan South Area: Sis. Sarah Tinsley, Chairperson

Collect and donate eyeglasses to the Lighthouse for the Blind; Knit and crochet afghans, hats and scarves for cancer patients in local cancer centers; Volunteer in soup kitchens; Participate in the American Cancer Society Annual Breast Cancer walk; Donate funds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital; Sponsor a sock drive for patients in a local nursing home; Implement new ways and  efforts to encourage a greater interest in all age ranges, to affiliate with the WMS and Provide training and more clarity in our printed informational materials.
We pray that God will continue to bless us as we “Connect with an open heart, Grow in body, mind and spirit, Serve with willing hands and Go with ready feet” to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ by service and witness in the world.